From our Clients

“I have an increased sense of dignity, and I am more willing to seek the positive. I am learning techniques for self-love and effectiveness.”

“One to One coaching has given me a sounding board. My coach points out positive traits about myself when I’m in the negative. This empowers me and shows me what I may not see in myself.”

“One to One coaching has impacted my personal life by giving me an outlet to vent besides my children. I can now give my oldest daughter needed space. It made me more confident in myself and helped me remember what it is like to make decisions for myself and listen to me.”

“My coach is the Hope Fairy. She does not judge; instead, she keeps telling me that those things that seem so far out of my reach just seem that way. That I deserve to be safe and happy. That I can have healthy relationships.”

“My coach has taught me how to break the big things down into manageable bites. No problem is without a solution.”

“One To One Coaching provides a safe, convenient and confidential opportunity for women to receive self clarity and support to set goals. I have developed the confidence to express my thoughts and ideas openly.”

“I have become more positive with my outlook, realizing that everything is within my grasp. I am in a very good relationship for the first time.”

“I learned so much about myself and came away from every session inspired and reinvigorated to create the life I want.”

Our clients have also reported making significant positive changes in their lives, including:

  • Fulfilling a long held dream to move to another state
  • Beginning to believe in herself and developing the habit of asking ‘what do I want?’
  • Starting a fulfilling relationship
  • Developing a trusting and open relationship where she could reveal herself
  • Making significant health improvements
  • Increasing work productivity and income
  • Becoming more open and transparent
  • Experiencing more hope
  • Moving from blaming others for her misery to an understanding of personal choices in every life situation
  • Shifting beliefs and fears

From Our Coaches

“I am continually amazed what happens when one shows up for another person to listen deeply as they express their hopes, goals, challenges, and dreams.”

“I felt taken care of through the mentoring calls, monthly tele-classes, and retreats. One to One continually strives to improve. I have definitely received more than I expected.”