Phone Interview Tips: How to be Successful at Telephone Interviews Part 2


The rules of first impressions still apply on the phone. Annie Stevens a managing partner at a Boston executive coaching firm says “The first five minutes of a phone interview are the most important, since only about 2 out of 10 people will still be under consideration beyond that”

1) Be enthusiastic: smile while you talk- it really does make a difference to the image you project to the listener and the tone of your voice! Your voice is replacing body language- inject inflection into your speaking voice- monotone will be off-putting

2 Call on time: if you are required to ring them, do not do it too early and certainly not late. If they are busy, make sure you leave a message as evidence that you have called on time. Unfortunately they may not necessarily ring you on time- but that is their prerogative.

3) Use a landline wherever possible: no matter how reliable your mobile phone normally is, a broken line or being cut off is a big no-no. Also disable call-waiting- the bleeps can be a big distraction and throw your focus. If you do have to use your mobile ensure the battery is fully charged.

4)Be persuasive: your goal is to get a face-to-face interview. You will need to sell yourself, just as much in a phone interview as a personal one. Do not lose sight of the goal. Answer succinctly, politely and avoid slang and colloquialisms at all costs. Imagine the interviewer in front of you- sometimes getting their picture from the internet and putting it in front of you can be a useful tip.

5) Reschedule if necessary: if they call without notice and it is not convenient, just tell them and reschedule. However, make sure you get all the relevant information needed, confirm who will call who, timings etc…make sure you get their name correctly and how to contact them.